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African Fusion

African soul food is cuisine well known for its stand alone culture, especially in Africa, not the southern USA soul food, and with that special African class comes Nigeria and the Congo, among other countries. Having a special blend of its own in taste and delicious meal combinations is African Fusion Food Truck in the World Food Trucks Park, Kissimmee, FL.  Once enjoyed, you can't forget the great, authentic taste, no matter if you were to try, and it's all up to you about how you choose for your tasty choices to be prepared. Homemade and really so, African soul food is what they do. You want it spicy or you don't want it spicy or, make it somewhere in between! You tell them at African Fusion and "presto,"  it's done to your liking. Located at 5811 W. Irlo Bronson Hwy, Kissimmee, Fl 34746, the World Food Truck Park is close to Walt Disney World Theme Park and home to more than 50 international food trucks congregated together in the only centralized food truck park of its kind in central Florida. African Fusion caters all events and is reached at 407-715-3552; open until 2 AM. Facebook: AfricanFusion. Instagram: AfricanFusionTruck.  Certainly for you, your family and friends, it's a treat that you will not forget. There's plenty of widespread seating for all of you together and at night when decorated with colorful lights, it becomes a haven for eating enjoyment. Let's go soul food hunting to make your meal for you with you making the choices. There's whole baked red snapper with African seasoning, high protein pounded yam  (a preferred dish in Nigeria almost always included as a side), which goes well with meat or chicken; vegetable fried rice with suya chicken that is not spicy, baked suya spicy dishes, Fusion veggie plate, stewed chicken, Fusion goat and whole tilapia fish. With two sides you can make a meal. Pounded yam is somewhat like a bread or mashed potatoes used by rolling a bit and then, scooping the main dish, such as snapper, into bite sized portions and eating with your fingers as the traditional way to eat says,Tony the chef.Then, there's Fusion beef suya as a meal with two sides, eguei with chicken and pounded yam, goat kabob, and goat pepper soup. For your thirst, African Fusion has created its own coconut lemonade and there's the always popular pina colada. Both are homemade creations bound to quench your thirst. This is not all of the menu but you can get the feeling for its flavor. These unique creations are specialties created at African Fusion Food Truck. So, if you desire a change in your palette, to include African soul food, then here's African Fusion Food Truck for your delight in a tropical setting, exactly created for your meal time enjoyment. 

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