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Di Aromas

Many tempting international aromas will get your taste buds going but what is one that turns your head the most?  One of the most alluring, being coffee, is one that coffee connoisseurs "get out of bed for" as you hear most often. The tropics, many say, wouldn't be the tropics without those coffee aromas spicing up the air with such delectable aromas. Latin countries, especially, are growers of this magnificent bean. Having coffee beans ground before your eyes can be simple and certainly satisfying with a fresh, taste described as greater than captivating at Di Aromas's coffee van, letting the world know that the World Food Truck Park at 5811 W. Irlo Bronson Memorial Hwy in Kissimmee FL, makes Latin influence a tasty original and homemade for the connoisseur with more than 50 surrounding food trucks as choices.  It's another way of showing just how awesome and original this food truck park has become. And, more so every day with this higher level of originality. It's where you can pick from among an awesome number of choices to spread out your menu of tastes. Di Amora's coffee van is of Puerto Rican origin but the coffee beans that are changed each month as to the country of origin really gives Di Aromas coffee van an edge as to coffee originality. It's ground, brewed, made from fresh, taste original, the purist you could get and done right in front of you. What more could you ask for?  Costa Rican coffee, a more recent brewed choice, or Brazilian (Brazil grows the most coffee the world over) or flavors simply taking over and making your choice for you, will leave you picking from menu choices at Di Amoras' like ristreto, expresso, doppio and cortadito. While in the World Food Truck Park, you will find yourself at Visitors Flea Market where there are more than 222 vendor booths, indoors and air conditioned. It's the vendor home of Hector, where he originates with his leather work, turning his creations into vests, hand bags, wallets and with much more on his shelves as caps, key fobs and belts to satisfy your lists of gifts for friends and family at the end of your Florida vacation. Close to Disney World, this world of shop and find makes this part of your vacation chores a much more simple task than you ever imagined. Give yourself a vacation break, checkout: @artegitanamia. The World Food Truck Park  comes alive with color during the evening and made even more a hit place to go with tropical and Latin music to inspire the festival feeling. The seating outdoors in the food truck park makes it ideal for families with kids. Plenty of space to spread out and enjoy the outdoors. Di Aromas coffee van brings the coffee, the World Food Truck Park creates international food and the rest is up to you.   

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Giles Burt
Giles Burt
Aug 25, 2021

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