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Papi Fish

The fish are biting from Papi Fish Food Truck. So much so, that it's a fish eating haven where red snapper fried to a delightful tropical and savory, mouth watering specialty with all the trimmings will bring this homemade treat to your table leaving you craving for more and more. Even better, the snapper delight goes well with other great demanding choices as shrimp, octopus and more. The combination of choices, as you pick and choose, only makes it more desirable when you add in the sauces and tropical touches such as avocado and lime. It all happens in the World Food Truck park, the only centralized food truck park in central Florida, where more than 50 food trucks will be found bundled together, capturing the spirited, spicy Latin flavors. It's located at 5811 W. Irlo Bronson Memorial Hwy, Kissimmee, FL 34746 and is an experience you will not want to miss. Uniquely arranged, the food trucks offering specialties of international taste bring a distinctively tropical atmosphere with an inviting outdoor setting for dinning, especially in the evening when colorful and lighted surroundings set a festive feeling. Close to the Walt Disney World Theme Park, the cache of many flavors at Papi Fish offers a widely acclaimed level of what to do about satisfying those hunger pangs. Papi Fish is open daily from 3 pm to 12 am and closed on Tuesday. You will find them on Instagram and Facebook @papifish1 and also reached at 407-485-0174. It has high comments about how really good it is such as the fresh fish taste, crunchy tostones, great seafood and good prices. Events during special occasions also bring great public comments as well as to how highly liked it is at Papi Fish. But the food is why they come! While Venezuelan and the Caribbean styled cuisine is a specialty, there is much more to be offered. One can only begin to imagine the taste  within the world of Latin flavors before you actually spend your hunger pang time at Papi Fish. How great its reputation has become is truly known because of choices such as arroz con mariscos, pescado con tostones y ens, chillo con mofongo, empanzados de camarones, mofongo con carne frita, mofongo con mariscos with much more on a menu that keeps on going. You won't forget the fried red snapper, always a choice that Floridians look for, and preferred when it comes to a great salt water fish. At Papi Fish you can get it. Highlighted in videos focused on Papi Fish, red snapper is a choice upon which they specialize.  Don't forget to bring family and friends. There's plenty of relaxed space for you to enjoy yourselves. The World Food Truck park makes any outing well worth the time for exactly that reason, to have fun and a good time. It's popular and the place for the family to be together. See you at Papi Fish. 

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