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The Food Truck World - Tiny Spaces Produce Big Taste

Providing gourmet food on the streets requires a lot more than just a hot oven. These days, food trucks are truly design and engineering marvels on wheels. Plus, the outdoor element offers a whole new dining experience for the adventure seeking eater. What is it about these places that they provide some of the best food in Kissimmee? Let’s take a deeper look inside today’s compact food truck world.

Squeeze It In

Imagine feeding crowds of hungry people from only 70 square feet of space. Consider some of the installations a modern day food truck might require, such as:

  • Water tanks

  • Refrigerator

  • Freezer

  • Generator

  • Sinks

  • Ventilation

  • Ovens

  • Grills

All of this along with enough space for teams of up to four people working at once. But it’s much than just bringing food to the people. Can these tight quarters actually be a source of inspiration?

Leading Edge Food

It’s well established that some of the most creative dishes can only be found in the food truck industry. Some speculate that it’s all part of the same process. You must come up with unique solutions to be a mobile meal provider. It forces you to think on the edge. The innovative flow bleeds into your entire business vision, including the kitchen side. This translates into new and adventurous cooking methods, recipes and ingredients. In no other restaurant sector does necessity drive invention quite like the food truck world.

Mosaic of Taste

What happens when you bring a bunch of these food wizards together in one place? It’s a party of course! Food truck parks like World Food Trucks in Kissimmee offer a collision of flavors that will delight everyone in your gang of hungry friends. Within arms reach you have some of the newest dishes based on home cooking fundamentals from Peru, Venezuela, Brazil, Cuba, Colombia, Italy, the Caribbean and more.

There’s plenty of friendly competition as cooking masters try to outdo each other. Each one constantly strives to bring novel tastes, spices and serving styles to smiling customers. Mix in some upbeat music and the innovative spirits merge together to deliver a one-of-a-kind cultural experience.

Deep History

Even though food trucks are part of the modern day eating scene, the traditions that get baked into each dish go back for generations. Secret recipes and cooking techniques never get left behind. The successful food truck business owner knows how important it is to share the love. In the end, the best ones don’t just try to make a buck. Instead, these food gurus proudly share part of their heritage that has thrilled the taste buds of generations of family and friends.

Make It a Date

The next time you're planning a night out to eat, don’t fight over the place. Instead, head to a new destination that has something for everyone. After you get your food, get together and share. Tune-in to new tastes, dance a bit and go home all smiles. A world of food is waiting for you!

World Food Trucks is the premier food truck park in Kissimmee with exclusive dishes from Latin America, North America, Europe and beyond.

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