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What is a mofongo?

The Caribbean kiss of the tropics has nearly become a national food  in Puerto Rico. Its also becoming a place  where you cannot paddle yourself across the Caribbean Sea without plates full of mofongo, a signature dish in Puerto Rico. And you know what, it is here in Orlando and Kissimmee at World Food Truck park, the only centralized central Florida food truck park, serving original and home made mofongo to fill the appetite for those, especially those missing what they have missed so much. (over 45 food trucks at World Food Trucks  5811 W. Irlo Bronson Memorial Hwy, Kissimmee, Fl ). For those who aren't sure they know about this delectable dish, no matter if they think this desired favorite is an original dish from the Dominican or Puerto Rico islands. Because elsewhere, they have similar dishes. You can be sure of one thing, the taste is unmistakably original, Caribbean through and through. While we are at it, unmistakably original also in central Florida. It is, so much, the real thing when it comes to tropical soul food. But, its been around a long time, not only Caribbean culture but how about Africa with its deep ties, and making the dishes is a little different because it uses the smashing of green plantains (pealed of course) and yacca sometimes has a little place in the mix. Relleno mofongo, a stuffed mofongo really gets you going. You can go for vegetables, shrimp, beef, chicken. and even octopus comes occasionally in a special ordered form.You may not be from Africa, but, like said, mofango goes away back. Its a Spanish with taino cultural and there are touches of Columbian, the Amazon and Peruvian among various cultures. Feed those other mouths, those little guys, enough for the whole crowd. We would report to you that according to Food Network chef host Guy Fieri when they sponsored two separate occasions from Benny"s Seafood in Miami, and El Bohio of San  Antonio from his show Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives, so much did he like this dish, his response was "the best fried thing I ever ate." Ok, if he says so, we can bet it gets points as a national dish in Puerto Rico, it almost certainly would with those who love flavors. In Cuba, the dish goes by Machuquillo, and often has chicken or roast pork. According to cultural history, It was a dish that quickly became known In New York City and Puerto Rico after the political differences of the 1960s and many afterward found themselves in New York. Sometimes they are not fried but boiled, shaped as a ball, and stuffed with meat.  Sometimes, broth is served as a side. Anywhere large numbers of Dominicans and Puerto Ricans live, the popularity of mofongo finds itself public appreciated. Making a dough-like consistency, called Fufu , made up of boiled and mashed plantains and starchy root vegetables, all mixed together with water, milk or butter. There are fried variations. If you know your mofongo, you probably know its history, then you know this is a real treat and you have already put in your mind the pleasure of understanding mofongo"s cultural place in culinary history. In Spanish, call it camarofongo!

Watch a mofongo get prepared right here at World Food Trucks

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