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Having a menu that inspires the best in Puerto Rican tastes is an art of its own right for Franky Boriken's food truck at the World Food Truck park in Kissimmee. Not only does his mofongo creations make  top photos as the best in picturesque quality, but there are so many great choices that trying to tell about them all will simply leaving you wanting to see more. As the food truck show displays the art of his mofongo before dining, the other specialties leave the menu inviting more and more of picking and choosing before you actually dig in and try the wonderful true Puerto Rican flavors offered throughout the menu. Boriken choices can be ordered, and special choices made at 407-577-7278. The Boriken food truck is featured among the more than 40 food trucks in the World Food Truck Park  which is close to the Disney World Theme Park and located at 5811 W. Irlo Bronson Memorial Hwy, Kissimmee FL 34746. The highly popular food truck park is the largest centrally located food truck park in Florida with so many selections offered from each food truck in the park. The culinary ranges make many south American and Spanish tastes a daily treat in the park and bring tropical touches to those who come to Florida looking for the tropical taste from homemade Latin dishes. These are the culinary specialties offered at Boriken's Food Truck in the park. With the photographic history that is set out through online reference, the resulting pictorial comment well shows Boriken's offerings, not to mention the care shown in preparation of the flavorful mofongo creation shown in the movie. Made of green plantain and home made, mofongo qualifies for many as a national food in Puerto Rico. In Cuba you may know the dish as Machuquill. The taste is Latin original. In Puerto Rico it is a signature dish and very special. Boriken Food Truck makes its mofongo a creative dish of its own which according to comments qualifies it  as a special art. There are exciting variations of this much preferred dish and the pictorial history of those mofongos created by Boriken leaves no doubt about the mofongo success at this food truck. What you see is what you get and the movie about Boriken Food Truck couldn't show you with any greater detail than it does about how highly appreciated Franky's mofongo has become. Of course, biting into what's called camarofongo in Spanish would be "the proof is in the pudding" as an American expression, but however one describes it, you will not go away hungry. But, you are sure to go away satisfied. Next visit, remember to bring your friends, especially if mofongo is one their preferred choices or any of the other offered Latin specialties. Let's put it this way, mofongo is not the only dish celebrated at Boriken's Food Truck.     

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