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Doctor Gelato

Summertime in Florida and you're still in a cold zone somewhere else, looking to thaw out, sorry about that! Now you find yourself in Florida and wheeeee, you need cooling off. Well, what took you so long? But, try as hard as you can, you want to be more healthy about it all. So, what is your answer? Well, it's Italian. An Italian dessert and Italians know the way on this one. The rest of us are sure to follow and many of us do follow, no matter where you come from. The most popular Italian dessert gelato takes a real healthy swing to bring down the sugar, heavy cream and milk fat. This is where Doctor Gelato joins the family. Sorry, to give ice cream the bum deal here, but then it is your body we are talking about. Doctor Gelato is, will you believe this, a food truck. Almost new to the World Food Truck park, 5811 W. Irlo Bronson Hwy, Kissimmee FL, soon to have 37 flavors of gelato, with sorbet among the mix. You can already lock in to blue birthday cake, orange and cream, coconut, mango, lime, tangerine, raspberry, peach-mango and more. The flavors are so much more intense with actual fruit, served lastingly longer than its heavy cream ice cream cousin. Gelato milk fat is like 3-5 percent, lower fat content, fewer calories, the perfect Florida choice to melt away the summer time temperature. Seven days a week, open 10 am to 2 am, (443) 223-7655. Another Italian favorite tiramisu, meaning "pick me up" or "cheer me up" is a dessert specialty at Doctor Gelato. Traditionally layered with lady fingers and a whipped mixture of sugar, eggs, mascarpone cheese, cocoa and dipped in coffee.  Gelato flavors on average are richer than ice cream. The World Food Trucks is a centralized food truck park with over 40 food trucks and the only permanent food truck park in central Florida, close to the theme parks, the home for homemade Latin foods and a tropical touch called original...its people, its food, an authentic culinary outpost of its own culture. While visiting Doctor Gelato those Latin and international scents in the air bring on what makes the family want to try a little bit of everything.   

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