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Eating Out In South Orlando? World Food Truck Gets Rave Reviews

The Majority Rules

They’re coming from all over South Orlando for a night out and a great meal. Williamsburg, Lake Buena Vista, Hunters Creek, Buena Ventura Lakes, Four Corners, Celebration and Kissimmee… everyone is talking about the World Food Truck experience. What are they saying? Let’s find out.

5 Star Real World Reviews

On our Facebook Page, the compliments couldn’t be more positive. Here’s what they have to say:

Josue says:

“Good environment also..and a very huge selection of food and deserts, so many trucks of food to choose from. Love them.

Cheap eats · Excellent service · Good value”

Jaque says:

“Very enjoying and inviting place.. awesome food and live music to listen to..

Great food · Good value · Creative cuisine · Excellent service · Friendly staff · Cheap eats”

Reinaldo says:

“Just perfect - the food quality and the staff. I ordered a picadera... was so fresh really good tasting mixing of flavor. I recommended this place for sure !!

Good value · Friendly staff · Creative cuisine · Great food · Excellent service”

Mady says:

“The food is great, the choices are fabulous and endless. And the frappes, OMG!”

World Food Trucks has received nearly 700 opinions on Facebook. Our score so far is 4.8 out of 5. We are so proud of all our food vendors for providing such incredible meals at reasonable prices. Plus, we’ve been recommended by over 2,100 people.

Home Away From Home

World Food Trucks has over 40 vendors with cuisine from Venezuela, El Salvador, Colombia, Brasil, Peru, Mexico, Argentina, Lebanon, the Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico. So many people from those countries tell us how thankful they are to get a meal that reminds them of home.

They all come away saying the same thing: World Food Truck offers authentic food from all over Latin America and beyond. This comes as no surprise since the truck owners share the same traditional dishes that they grew up with. Some of them add an innovative twist to family favorites. You can’t fool people that know their heritage!

Outdoor Dining and Fun

One of the coolest parts of the food truck experience is that you get to eat outside in a safe and friendly location.

Frankie says:

“It was an awesome experience again, this Sunday was my second time there and it did not disappoint. There are armed guards patrolling within and being a 2A supporter I appreciated that. I will definitely patronize again.

Friendly staff · Excellent service · Great food”

People just love to invite their extended family or large group, and we’ve become a natural meeting place. Plenty of space and options keep even the most picky eaters happy. Friends can stop by anytime and make a party of it. You don’t have to wait long for food, so even if you show up late, you can still eat and party!

World Food Trucks provides the food and the music. You bring the spirit of friendship… and the dancing! Come see us!

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