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El Mojito Food Truck

The aroma and taste buds really capture the moment and quickly stir the appetite when the rotisserie chicken is at that point where you believe its got to be ready, only to hear "in a few minutes." But, then that's a part of the "I can't wait any longer" feeling when you are all but growling for food at the eating end of the aroma and taste buds. If that's you, then you must be at El Mojito Food Truck in the World Food Trucks in Kissimmee. Known as "the one with the rotisserie chicken", El Mojito says it is "keeping the legacy of Lechonera El Mojito from Guavate, Cayea, Puerto Rico."   And, this is only the beginning of a menu that serenades upon an awesome spread of Puertorican flavors to choose from, again and again calling you back,  as you search for the menu that gives you a horizon of food selections for the family and yourself to feast upon. This isn't just any old place to find the tropical inspiration for Latin and international culinary satisfaction, this is the World Food Truck Park, the only food truck park in central Florida with 45 internationally inspired food trucks, each with its own specialty. Located at 5811 W. Irlo Bronson Hwy, Kissimmee, FL, El Mojito, open  with preorders and deliveries, 3-10 pm, Thurs-Fri. and 12 pm-10 pm Sat-Sun. at (407) 873-1354, ElMojitoFoodTruck (Facebook), ElMajitoFood (Instagram), After the rotisserie chicken, you won't be happy without repeat visits to go after authentic dishes like polla asados, arroz con grandulez, chicken or fried pork combos to pick from, pasteles de cerdo, laced with El Mojito's especially prepared Mejito sauce. They are not going to speak about the recipe for their own "secret" sauce. If you are really after the Latin taste you will not skip a dessert of the typical Latin and Puertorican choices as vanilla or cheese flan or tres leches. Homemade is what it is, delicious is how reviews described it as "juciest and most flavorful chicken since leaving the Bronx" after having dinned on pollo asado, arroz en grandulez y tostones. Or, another among several other visitors saying "chicken nice and moist."  How about green plantains/tostones, guineos en escabeche, fried sweet potato, pasteles, pink beans, garlic cassava/yuca al mojo to go with it. Or, empanadas, alcapurria, cornmeal sticks, white or yellow rice. Hungry yet, have you blended with the rotisserie chicken? Close to Disney World and other theme parks, make your day for yourself, family, friends and the tastes you crave.  This one you do not want to miss.

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