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El Rincon De Las Papas

Updated: Jun 5, 2020

Imported baked potatoes and sweet potatoes from the Dominican Republic and then imported from Puerto Rico make for a different menu at El Rincon de las Papas food truck and it's all happening at the World Food Truck park located at 5811 W. Irlo Bronson Memorial Hwy, Kissimmee, FL. Wanting to do something different with the menu, their move to the only centralized food truck park in Florida made for a natural tropical place to be and the only food truck with the specially prepared potatoes, a Spanish word taken from patata.  Calling ahead to 321-946-3405 will allow for orders to be ready upon your arrival as it takes special preparation for the deliciously done and softer potatoes to reach the way they are ready to eat. Bringing a special delight to the menu is the highly preferred sweet potato, a root vegetable only loosely related to the potato. Then, you can choose chicken, turkey, bacon, vegetable or something else. Cheddar and other cheeses will add bonding of the layered dish to create the best in a potato taste that you can imagine. Other selections of dishes on the menu are also quite enjoyable such as the Meat Lovers, a combination meal with four meats. The menu goes on with choices as a combination of ground beef known as pionons. It is an outdoor mecca with plenty of space for children and families. At sundown, it becomes a colorful and tropical paradise including the Latin influence and music to make your surroundings festive and bright. But, it keeps on going in the truck park as its location is a part of visitors flea market with more than 220 vendor booths, air-conditioned and indoors. El Rincon de las Papas food truck is where they have taken the traditionally baked potato and sweet potato and turned it into a work of art and you will not forget it. In visitors flee market, if you take your food truck receipt, you will receive a 10% discount. Keep in mind that planning your food experience and journey to El Rincon de las Papas may need some special planning attention, as food truck hours may differ from the usual flee market hours of operation. The World Food Truck park is home to more than 50 food trucks serving international foods and with a Latin influence in a very special tropical setting that is perfect for central Florida and the many travelers who are craving for the authentic Latin and homemade culinary choices. This is not the place to go away hungry. Why? There are just too many choices from which to pick for you to say maybe another time. Once you are there, it's just a matter of choice. Remember, El Rincon de las Papas wanted a menu choice that was different and the baked potato and sweet potato has made their dream come true. Their choice is special and "differently" delicious.

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