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Fruit & Shakes

How about the heat? Ready to cool off? What can be done about that? How about fruit salads and smoothies, sound like what's needed? Does "fresh and homemade" before your eyes sound good? Sounds like an answer that would be Ideal for the younger ones this time of year and may be just right for all of your family. Then, meet Hernando from the Fruit and Shakes Food Truck in the World Food Truck park in Kissimmee, a very popular visitor's haven. This is the only food truck park in central Florida. At Fruit and Shakes, you pick and choose from multiple and flavorful fruit shakes to serve your pleasure with a special style and a Latin touch. Hernando comes from Colombia, South America, but he creates Venezuelan specialties from healthy juices like green apple, pineapple, kiwi, green detox, cocada Venezolana with coconut and other fruit shakes. All of these are created here and will go well together with his chilled Acri bowl specialty that combines shaved almonds, strawberries, blueberries, kiwi, coconut and other flavorful fruit choices to make your taste buds leap for joy even when the heat is not getting to you. Waiting for the right time is anytime here for fruit and shakes, as summer brings us all together to find creative ways to quiet the Sun and enjoy what summer brings. Florida in summer can be enjoyed at the World Food Truck Park, located at 5811 W. Irlo Bronson Memorial Hwy, Kissimmee, FL 34746., and a part of Visitor's Flea Market, an indoor air-conditioned flea market with more than 200 vendor booths. Conveniently close to the Walt Disney World theme park, more than 40 food trucks are close to one another and complete with widespread seating that is suitable for families and the younger ones. For your cool downs, Fruit and Shakes will be at or call 321-424-1123. Fruit and Shakes can also be reached on Facebook and Instagram. Creamy and soft smoothies have a way of taming the heat and this is the place to do it. Fruit and Shakes brings the fresh and homemade feeling to where the taste really means something. Fruit and Shakes offers an "amazing  experience through natural juices and fruit smoothies," say the comments. When the fruit is fresh and everything is prepared before you,  Hernando makes it happen. The proof is in the taste and when more of the same beckons, it becomes a "go back for more," feeling. It carries a lot more of the homemade difference from that which is the "prepared somewhere else" feeling. You know when it's homemade, you know when it's fresh.  Here it is both homemade and fresh. And, importantly, is is chilled exactly when you want it to be chilled. Why not take advantage of what makes you feel good and refreshed when the weather tells you it is time to treat yourself. So, take the hint, Fruit and Shakes. Go cool off! 

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