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Latin Food Truck Goes Yard in Major Flavorful Offerings

Los Cipotes is a famous food truck hailing from Kissimmee, Florida, offering foods from three

different countries – Brazil, Columbia, and El Salvador. On a recent exposé from World Food

Trucks, it was found that a lot of their dishes are made with maize (corn). El Salvador’s most

notable dish is the pupusa – which is sort of like a taco and burrito combination. It’s a flour

tortilla filled with meats, fish, cheese, and/or vegetables, which is then pinched up to close

before being put on a skillet for a few minutes. It’s served with a special sauce and side dish

called curtido, which is a sort of cabbage slaw (as opposed to traditional coleslaw that is served with a taco type dish). The secret sauce is a tomato sauce with vinegar and some salt; and the slaw itself is made with onions and peppers, plus some oregano. One of the founders of Los Cipotes (often referred to as El Cipote) – Abraham, has been doing the pupusa dish himself for about a year now (the segment from World Food Trucks was posted in November 2018). He can make up to two dishes a minute! Wow.

Now, you may be wondering where the Brazilian and Columbian foods come into play here,


Well, the Brazilian food is courtesy of Abraham’s wife, and Abraham’s business partner is from Columbia, so that’s where the Columbian food comes from. How interesting to combine those 3 into one food truck business! They pride themselves on serving fresh, made to order food that is spicy, sweet, and everything in between!

In addition to the pupusas, you will also find: the pupu burger, yuca chicharron, picada, and

pupusas and elotes. Allow me to break down each dish a little bit for you: the pupu burger

takes on the pupusa in a more handheld form – the tortilla essentially becomes the “bun” and the meat takes the form of a “patty”, leaving the add-ins like cheese and veggies as the

“fixings.” Pretty cool, right? Yuca is a root which is then cut up and crafted into a sort of “French Fry” and served with cubed pork, and usually a flavorful salsa (made with onions, chili peppers, and tomatoes). Picada is essentially a spicy beef mixed with some peppers and various spices like chili powder, cumin or coriander, then served with tortillas if desired. Last but not least, the elote is a Mexican grilled corn sprinkled with cheese or chili powder, which pairs perfectly with the pupusas.

Los Cipotes can even make your food to go and you can pick it up by calling: (407) 738-7198.

5805 W. Irlo Bronson Memorial Highway is their location. They are open 6 days a week / 5pm - 12am. Be sure to follow them on socials too! Their handles are as follows: Instagram:

@loscipotesfood and Facebook: @loscipotesfood (Los Cipotes Food Truck).

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