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Los Cipotes

With a handmade taste for doing  Brazilian, Colombian and El Salvadoran food, Los Cipotes food truck in the World Food Truck Park in Kissimmee brings home all the original flavors of treats; with many made of maize (corn). From such countries as El Salvador comes a favorite dish like pupusa lightly toasted on the grill. Like a combination of taco and burrito, it's a flour tortilla filled with fish or pork and other meats or vegetables. To  close it, one pinches it around the edges and then it goes for a toasting.  When you see it done in this episode's video, you can put the taste and feeling for pupusa together and go hunting for the real thing at Los Cipotes. Pupusas have a side dish called curtido, like coleslaw, but more of a cabbage slaw.  The name has spread around as a popular place for original  Latino type cuisine.  It says much about the World Food Truck Park in Kissimmee, the only food truck park centralized in Florida with more than 50 food trucks neighbored together. Located at 5805 W. Irlo Bronson Memorial Hwy, Kissimmee 34746, the popular food truck park is also joined with Visitors Flea Market, where more than 222 indoor, air-conditioned vendors market just about everything one can imagine, or come close to it. Being, itself, close to Walt Disney World, one really enjoys the Latin and culture touch of  natural Florida and a tropical opportunity to be a spicy part of it. One can do their ordering by calling (407) 738-7198, some catering available, @loscipotes for Instagram and Facebook. Sometimes, your order may take a little extra time, says one of two brothers, Abraham, operators of what make Los Cipotes perk. "We home make everything , we don't use microwaves." This kind of tells you what to expect. Much more than pupusa, the pickings compete for the menu's best, like Philly cheese steak with Monterry Jack cheese, pork pinchos, salchipapa, perro arrecho with each of these having their own mouth-watering sides; special salsa, try it! Plenty of  widespread seating for the family. For evenings, it becomes a garden of fun and colored lighting, a party land where food trucks bustle with international food and food truck goers bring life and fun to a carnival feeling. Diners have commented about their "super good homemade pupuses." Above, perro arrecho was also mentioned. Maybe this would be your choice. It is a Colombian styled 100% beef hotdog topped with pineapple chunks. How about a pupuburger, a beef patty with fried egg, two cheese pupusas, certido and salsa. You like food on a stick, there's pork pinchos with pork chunks, garlic sauce, white rice. Wash it all down with Horachata, a sweet herbs and spice-based El Salvadoran drink. Are you ready to go? See you there! 

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