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Los Cuates

Choices is the keyword for this tex-mex food truck at World Food Truck Park, Kissimmee, FL. From a kid's menu to big grown up specials to pick from, the choice of customized orders to get your taste buds popping, you will want some of everything when you see the delicious favorites of Mexico pulling your appetite in many different directions at the same time. You may think it would never happen that you could ask for so many different tastes at the same time only to find yourself not knowing what is you are really ready to eat until the decision time comes and you are next in line, so be ready.  Located at 5811 W. Irlo Bronson Memorial Hwy, Kissimmee Fl 34746, "Piled high" is how many describe the original taste and homemade culinary artistic food preparation going on here. With a menu boasting of kid's menu delights from chicken tenders to burritos and quesadillas of chicken and steak while others lust for the tasty tex-mex pescado (mahi-mahi), camarones fried or grilled, enchiladas de pollo, flautas stuffed, fried with melted cheese, mexican rice and refried beans, all of these mouth watering selections to choose from give you and the family a menu to make your day and night visits something to rave about for following visits. As if this isn't enough, how about a quickie for fresh made and made on the spot donuts and quickly.  Lunch, dinner, takeouts, convenient seating and tables for the family, and whoever comes with you. Picadillo, carnita o gallina (steak or shrimp), burrito bowls, combos appealing to you and all, how about tostados, tuna ceviche, or caesar and tarrarind poke tuna. Don't forget desserts like churro, and cheesecake and dulce de leche chimichanga. Mexican sodas and drinks to help wash it all down.  There are all kinds of tacos, chicken fried burrito, desgranacos, rib tips, so much to choose from, so hard to tell it all. Make your first selection the menu to find out what hasn't already been said here. And, then, there are the burgers, the menu goes on and on. It's online and we are talking about, again, Los Cuates Food Truck in the World Food Truck Park, Kissimmee, the only food truck park in central Florida. Here, you will find a bunch of them, more than 40, offering all kinds of latin and other international foods. Have a look at the other online video episodes highlighting this awesome place for you and your family with security and ample parking. Plenty of room for the family to explore. Close to Disney World and other theme parks.  But, ideal for the family and tropical Florida, clean surroundings. Exciting just to roam around.

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