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Los Reyes De La Mofongopleta

Puerto Rican delicacies include mofongo as a national dish and you get it at Los Reyes de la Mofongopleta Food Truck in the World Food Truck  Park, located at 5811 W, Irlo Bronson Memorial Hwy, Kissimmee, FL. It is one of more than 55 food trucks gathered together serving international and Latin foods. A big specialty of Reyes de la Mofongopleta is mofongo where size is also a specialty.  Watching it being prepared is really a unique opportunity and it leads you to an enjoyment you will not regret when it comes to this culinary creation.  It is a real meal of choice when you ask for your favorite style. Remember, this is a big Latin favorite choice often found at the top of the menu. Los Reyes de la Mofongopleta can also be reached @spot_mlb and is also on Instagram. Beginning with the mofongo pastry, wrap shell, the ingredient sauces and other favorite Latin tastefulness gets down to culinary business with beef and here is where size comes in. It's tall and long, very filling, and you're not to go away hungry. The original and homemade tastiness from this food truck will leave you hoping to return soon for another go around at Los Reyes de la Mofongopleta Food Truck.  If it is a family outing that's planned, then the World Food Truck park is what you are looking for with plenty of space for the family. Outdoor seating takes on a special festive feeling with all the color lighting during the evening. Not to be left out, the food truck park, the only such centralized park in central Florida, is close to Disney World and Visitors flea market, an indoor, air-conditioned, flea market with more than 222 vendor booths and a host of special trade shops where everything from leather to watches, barber services, women's outlets and other make it perfect for multi reasons to visit. Having a family culinary experience at Los Reyes de la Mofongopleta Food Truck will make your day if you plan your family outing to include World Food Truck Park and Visitors Flea Market in Kissimmee. 

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