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Midnight Flurries

A Florida favorite today and has been for a long, long time is the simple term "shave Ice." If somebody really needs a cool down, then, finding the shave ice cup is probably the quickest way to do the "cooling". Midnight Flurries make it all happen with so, many flavors, it's hard to count them. Let's begin with cherry. Crunchy shave ice, nice thick syrup. Do you know of the days when it was a snow cone or the habit of snocone with kids in the street? Well, this is it and it is never too soon to see the Florida summer coming. From New York, Maria, at Midnight Flurries Shave Ice will set you up with everybody in the family. For you to enjoy your order, there is much truck park seating with space allowed for the family. It is a rainbow of many colors of syrup enjoyed especially with the family when you make a trip to Midnight Flurries Shave Ice located in the World Food Truck Park at 5811 W. Irlo Bronson Memorial Hwy, Kissimmee. There are more than fifty food trucks in the park, offering many different, international, and popular Latin foods originating from many places. Shave ice has been around for a long, long time. In the ninth and seventh centuries in Hawaii, the Japanese immigrants shaved flakes off large blocks of ice and then coated them with fruit juice and sugar. It was popular, easy, and if you know the tropics, you will know those little summetime, pick-me-ups can save the day. But, as winter in Florida begins to melt away, just a little bit of a cooling summer will always make things better, so keep in mind Midnight Flurries Shave Ice where your cooling habits make it worth it all year long. Becoming known as "shave" ice, the ice-based dessert became a refreshing favorite in Hawaii. Locally, even if you are not eating, being in Florida allows the tropical nature of your surroundings to bring out that old tropical instinct of being in the, stay cool. Well, a shave ice break does just that, makes your Florida tropicas sunny, and and a way to enjoy Florida at its best, so live on living sunny, comfortable with a tasty shave ice from midnight Flurries at the World Truck Park in Kissimmee. The World Food Truck Park, by the way, is the only central Florida food truck park where food trucks are arranged to meet the needs of those who go to the park for food. Quite popular in Orlando and Kissimme, World Food Truck Park offers all of the services that draw those craving the Latin inspired dishes, homemade, and of course "Shave Ice."

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