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Munchies Boricua

Monchies Boricua Food Truck shows how it's done in an original way and it specializes in mofongo. This highly popular Latin dish is well known and is a national dish of Puerto Rico. With Latin homemade flavors, mofongo takes you to where you can find the original taste at Monchies Boricua Food Truck in the World Food Truck Park at 5811 W. Irlo Bronson Memorial Hwy, Kissimmee FL. The food truck park is a food truck neighborhood where more than 50 international food trucks are gathered in the only centralized Florida park for food trucks. Monchies Baricua Food Truck, known for about ten years locally and also in the restaurant business,  creates mofongo that allows the Latin world to pick a dish that is similar to Plantain-based dishes in the Dominican Republic and Cuba's "Fufu". Also in Cuba, it's  known as machuquillo. It came from west and central Africa, but has grown in popularity so much as to be a highly desired Latin dish in the Latin inspired Caribbean Islands, South America and also widespread internationally. Shrimp lovers can find uniqueness with the mofongo created at Monchies Boricua Food Truck and this is not the only favorite choice on the menu. Call ahead to 327-697-9589. Rightfully nicknamed as a tropical soul food, mofongo will find its way with equal desire into chicken, beef, pork, vegetables, octopus and otherwise. You can't replace the Latin taste, nor the popularity that surrounds it as a Latin tropical favorite.  But, then World Food Truck park makes itself a Latin food center for those who find their favorite Latin choices at the World Food Truck Park.  There are fried variations of mofongo. With a dough-like consistency, called Fufu, made of boiled and mashed plantains, an

d starchy root vegetables. It's all mixed together with water, butter or milk. In Spanish, you can call it  "camarofongo." Mofongo has earned its cultural place in culinary history. It's been around a long time, so it has built upon its fame.  The trick is to find it the way it should be prepared, original and homemade. Where else could that be but in the World Food Truck Park in Kissimmee and at Monchies Baricua Food Truck. Anywhere there are communities of Dominicans and Puerto Ricans living, the mofongo popularity would bring the Monchies Baricua Food Truck culinary creations to life in its original flavorful intention and done by those who know how to do it.  The World Food Truck Park itself is a creation that enjoys its own culinary cultural while being close to Walt Disney World theme parks and Visitors Flea Market, located as a part of the food truck park, an indoor, air conditioned flea market with more than 222 vendor booths.

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