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Origins of a Food Truck!

It was a push cart, the first food truck reported as 1691, later a chuck wagon in the old west, then posh food service on passenger trains, now it's a food truck park, more than 45 of them, all nice, clean, glittering huddled together. World Food Trucks, Orlando/Kissimmee, the only such festival of foods on wheels, international, Latin flavors, making history all over again in central Florida.  Where the hungry dine out in authentic tropical settings and feast on natural homemade foods like hey have done throughout the years in America.  It's American, a historic way of life.  Well, why not you too, get the real, natural feeling like the native Floridians are doing.  Join the Florida Club when you taste the real tropical, delights hungry Floridians crave for at this one of a kind, central Florida, top of the list attraction. Typically, speaking, food trucks can do all the taste preparations without the fancy overhead and prices. And, you still get to enjoy the outdoor ambiance and tropical setting, convenient, close to major theme parks and with the spirit and natural setting all its own.  No admission, just bring a healthy appetite. Do you travel with a family? The World Food Truck Park can handle all those mouths to feed and does regularly. There is so much of a choice and so many variations that you will not know where to begin. Your Orlando fun begins here. Literally.  You don't have to be a scout  to know you are being fed good, real food.....Let your taste be your guide. This food truck park has created its own history by being the only such park in central Florida. Do not confuse this outing as an ice cream truck or a hot dog cart. These trucks, more than 40 of them, prepare authentic Latin and international food that leave your taste buds screaming for more, more. Where? 5811 W. Irlo Bronson Memorial Hwy, Orlando/Kssimmee. You want the really good vittles?

Real cooks, real people operate these trucks, not food chains of an unknown source; real people, cooking great recipes. This is not a new way for food, but it is American history and central Florida can boast  about it being its own thing.  Open weekends, open daily and open late. There is no reason to say no to this one.  Like said, this is not a new concept, and its rich history when you think about it, really brushes against our life styles more often, than not. Food trucks,? Whoever said it is an American way of life, maybe we don't have to say it. Maybe, we just know it. I'm hungry, let's go!

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