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Pa Los Chinos

Puerto Rican Chinese food can really create a super great, mouth watering combination people say.  When stir fried in a wok with noodles, these hot culinary delights really get the taste buds popping. But that's not all! When you bring into this international mix those unlimited, tasteful and different blends of foods like beef, shrimp, chicken and pork into the awesome flavors that emerge, you create some of the most flavorful homemade and home cooked choices from the world over with all the appropriate spices. And, it's all happening right here in Kissimmee/Orlando on the cook fires of Pa-Los Chinos Food Truck in the World Food Truck Park at 5811 West Irlo Bronson Memorial Highway in Kissimmee. Visitors won't want to miss this opportunity to enjoy for themselves this awesome wok party and eating experience any day of the week. With more than 50 other food trucks in the park offering international foods in a tropical setting with festive Latin evening lighting and unlimited spacious seating in an outdoor setting, families and groups have plenty of room to mingle and dine while fulfilling a dining thrill sure to please. Just the pictures make the start of this mouth-watering event worthy of you "can't wait" for the plunge into what is "so good."  The World Food Truck park itself has developed it's own reputation because it is the only centralized food truck park in central Florida and it's located adjoining Visitors Flea Market, where more than 200 vendors daily practice their skills and provide shoppers with an awesome quantity of goods in an indoor, air-conditioned setting. But, at Pa-Los Chinos Food Truck  (321-442-9163), if you noticed in the show while the cooking was going on, you are watching real cooking going on and it is not just a show, it is real. Hard to say no and people do line up for this food.  Look how fresh in the cooking wok the sauteed mixture all comes together with equal freshness in tomato, green pepper, onion, carrots, broccoli and with the noodles added. Then, into the wok goes the beef or chicken, shrimp. pork or whatever your choice may be and whatever else you may choose. It is a paradise of foods, with please do not forget this part, full plates. Did you forget the rices and here, there are choices to be made also, like what is your rice blend...jamon, cerdo, nuevo y camarones?  There are other side dishes. One is egg rolls. It may be a whole new eating expeirence with a Puerto Rican flare of tastes coming from Chinese woks. So, what are you waiting for? Do you dare try a new style treat for yourself? Other main dishes includes the meats and shrimp with chili sauce or garlic sauce, sweet and sour chicken, the list goes on, Pa-Los Chinos Food Truck.

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