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Reasons to stop at World Food Trucks during your visit to Orlando!

Updated: Mar 2, 2019

Real international food creations, natural authentic dishes is what it means to be at World Food Trucks, Kissimmee where more than 40 food trucks daily create the best of the Latin tastes and much more, including music by a DJ, a family place to eat outdoors where kids get the biggest choice and you get to please them all, including Visitor's Flea Market and Gift Shop all at one location 5811 W. Irlo Bronson Memorial Hwy, Kissimmee/Orlando. It's good, family affordable.

In Kissimmee/Orlando, run over to World Food Trucks, its adjacent Visitor's Flea Market and Gift Shop to make your day a little easier on yourself.  From prices to tasty choices with a noticeable Latin flavor you will find the ideal way to satisfy that hunger pain that just won't go away. At the flea market and gift shop there are great bargains, all at one location

Take care of family when hungry, World Food Trucks in a park all its own, over 40 of them with its own Visitor's Flea Market and Gift Shop. Authentic homemade Latin multiple choices daily until late.  Don't wait, family will love it, love you for going there first, start out right, do yourself a favor, do the food thing. Make yourself, all of you happy from the start.

Remember that you can always browse our website and call any of our trucks directly to shorten your wait and get your orders in ahead of time!

Fruit smoothies and Frappes! Did you know that amazing and authentic food isn't all the World Food Trucks offer? Check out several trucks on our property that specialize in creative and nutritious smoothie creations!

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