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Super Grill

Venezuelan with some Italian food and a much desired family homemade Latin-style taste makes Super Grill Food Truck well worth a family visit to the World Food Truck park at 5805 W. Irlo Bronson Memorial Hwy in Kissimmee, FL for highly acclaimed culinary pleasure. The park is a gathering of more than 50 food trucks offering international foods in a tropical outdoor setting catering to Latin cuisine. Super Grill Food Truck located in the food truck park for 1 1/2 years and well known for its more than 20 years of family food experience offers a menu with a combination of chicken, meat or shrimp pastas to burgers, maiz con mantequilla, tequenos, arepitas fritas, fetuccine alfredo y steak and more. On Facebook at Super Grill Food Truck and Instagram @Supergrillft, you can call ahead for open hours and ordering to 786-303-3105. Highlighted in this show's episode is preparing the traditional Venezuelan plate, one of their most popular items, which is a fried plantain sandwich with ground beef or chicken. Jose at Super Grill Food Truck best describes what goes into the choice saying "they usually use fried plantains, giving you two of them per plate. The plantains are fried, formed into the flat bun (base) and then fried again to get them extra golden. They add tautar sauce, tomato, lettuce and the meat. That is then topped off with melted mozzarella cheese. You can add cheddar and Parmesan for even more cheesy goodness! It makes a little burger when you top it with other half of the fried plantain. You even eat it like a regular sandwich." The menu goes on offering mozarella sticks, pastas, tostones, patacon loco, chicken wings, pepitos Venezolanas tripleta, camarones grill, super parrilla, grilled shrimp with fries or tostones, special shakes, pina colada, crazy patacon steak, chicken or mixed, it is a big menu, making return visits a must for your Latin flavors.

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