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November 3 marks National Sandwich Day, which is of course, a sort of ‘holiday’ in which to celebrate the favorite food that is the sandwich. The sandwich has a surprisingly long history, having been invented in the 1700’s by John Montagu, the fourth Earl of Sandwich. Montagu invented what he called “a bread enclosed convenience food” so that he would not have to leave the table during his gambling games to have supper. He would put a couple slices of beef in between two pieces of bread, and his creation quickly became a hit with his comrades. They started asking for it to be “served like Sandwich” – and thus, the name sandwich was born!

The Chiqui Burger from World Food Trucks in Kissimmee, Florida
National Sandwich Day - The Chiqui Burger from World Food Trucks in Kissimmee Florida

The sandwich then grew in popularity when restaurant chains like Arby’s and Subway made it the “it” food. It quickly became the food that went with everything, and could be eaten for every meal, not just lunch! You could have an egg sandwich for breakfast, or stop by McDonald’s for a McMuffin. Lunch could be a turkey sandwich with classic potato chips; or you could grab a sub sandwich from Jimmy Johns. Finally, you could finish up the day with a grilled ham and cheese, or there’s always a Wendy’s chicken sandwich. Somehow putting something on bread just makes it all the more appealing!

National Sandwich Day Celebrated at World Food Trucks in Kissimmee, Florida
National Sandwich Day Celebrated at World Food Trucks in Kissimmee, Florida

The sandwich is a favorite among people due to its convenience and variety – there is turkey, ham, cheese, peanut butter and jelly…the list goes on! You can pick and choose, then off you go to enjoy your food! The beauty of its creation is that you can customize your sandwich to fit your personal preference or dietary needs (e.g: gluten free bread, no mayo, etc.) Popular favorites include: the panini, the French dip, roast beef, BLT (bacon, lettuce, and tomato), and grilled cheese. While the ‘holiday’ just came to the USA in 2017, you can bet that this is one will stick around. Businesses like it because they can promote their brand on social media, where consumer traffic is constantly sky high. Some even go the extra mile by bringing out a ‘special sandwich’ in honor of the day, or by throwing a little party to help get everyone excited to eat. Last year, Subway offered a free sandwich of equal or lesser value with the purchase of a 30 oz. beverage; Arby’s offered a free roast beef sandwich when you sign up for their newsletter. We cannot wait to see what deals and specials they come up with this year!

So when November 3 rolls around (yes, pun intended!) – be sure you get the chance to have a sandwich, whether it be your favorite one or something new. You can go to one of your favorite food joints and grab one, or whip up your own creation at home. That’s the fun in sandwiches, and food in general, really: it is what you make it. So have some fun with it. Happy National Sandwich Day! Make sure to use the hashtag #NationalSandwichDay on social media to join in on the fun online too!

Bring your appetite over to World Food Trucks, sandwiches from multiple cultures waiting for you plus tons more food. You need to check us out, and if you’ve been here already, we want to see you again!

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