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The World Food Trucks Experience

Ask you a question. Have you ever been unable to resist the smell of really good cooking and not knowing where it was coming from?  It is said that "shouldn't be allowed." Nobody should need to endure being denied the right to eat what they want of great food when they want it.  The other thing, going by a food truck and saying what is it they are cooking that really smells so good? I have got to have some of that, like now. So, they stop and get some. Probably the best decision they have ever made. Especially, if in the neighborhood of food trucks, like Food Truck Market in Kissimmee. Forty five of them, individual, separately owned together.

And, the best part, there are many Latin, puerto rican dishes for visitors while waiting or calling in, don"t be shy, call in, go in just do what comes naturally, eat terrific international foods, it is popular with visiting tourists who want a piece of the Latin flavor, South American flavor and mucho choices while they are here. You won't be sorry.  Try pork, chicken, beef dishes and many others. These are the neighborhood's tourism center for a change. Let it become a habit if it is home. A lot of good cooking is done here every day, every night. The kind of food they really call food. Homemade like you have had before. While here during day, you have a really busy flea market with more than 220 booths, a loaded gift shop really reasonably priced and much more to keep those visiting for shopping entertained.  But the food, oh the food makes one wonder where was all this before now. Why not keep it as a little hidden secret. Problem is with so much good cooking going on, it has to get out so everybody gets to eat. Know what we mean? Visitors come to Florida for much more than sunshine although that is strongly desired for sure now at springtime. but they come for all the other. If Latin flavor is part of that, then Florida has it, especially the World Food Trucks in Kissimmee. Florida has always been a special place for Latin flavors from St. Augustine to Key West, Miami as well, no different here. This is the place to be Latin pampered. The food trucks deliver world cuisine.  And, they are all together. Really a choice of choices going on here. For the family, visitors, you name it, you try it, again and again. Don't allow your taste buds to go without attention. If you crave some of that Spanish flavor, then you have a real top place to make that happen, today, tonight, on the weekend. Terrific food! Really a nice place to be, great family environment, No, they do not serve by candle light. But one never knows! You can always bring your own.

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