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World Food Trucks and Sustainability - Doing our part for the environment

World Food Trucks aims to bring fresh, tasty food from all over the world just for you! but if we don't do our part for the environment, there won't be a fresh world to bring food from. So here are THREE reasons why food trucks are sustainable, and great for the environment!

El Fogon de Munchies - Food truck
A beautiful day at World Food Trucks!

#1 - Less energy and water usage, food trucks are smaller than restaurants, which means they need less energy and less water to operate! This results in a much smaller carbon footprint!

#2 - No building footprint, World Food Trucks is just a big parking lot with a bunch of food trucks! If we moved, we would leave ZERO footprint. This means that we don't contribute to urban sprawl or the destruction of natural habitats!

#3 - Locally sourcing, many of our food trucks use locally sourced ingredients to provide a better, fresher, and tastier experience. Buying locally has many advantages such as there are no large factories the food is being processed through, and everything is sustainably caught, grown, and hunted.

World Food Trucks aims to bring the world together with the love of food. But there won't be a world to bring together if individuals and businesses don't do their part to stay sustainable. So come on down to World Food Trucks, and save the world, one bite at a time!

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