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World Food Trucks Holiday Events Recap!

World Food Trucks in Kissimmee, FL on Sunday January 6th. The Feast of Epiphany, or more commonly known as Three Kings’ Day marks the official end of the holiday season for many Hispanics; including the ever-growing Puerto Rican and Latin American population in Central Florida. January 6th, which is the 12th day of Christmas, celebrates the Three Kings, or Wise Men, that went to visit Baby Jesus. The biblical story of the Three Wise Men describes them bringing gifts including gold, frankincense, and myrrh, each symbolic in its own way and meant to foretell the newborn’s destiny. Today’s traditions represent this tale by celebrating with gift exchanges and a festive Día de Reyes meal.

This year thousands of people gathered at World Food Trucks located at 5811 W Irlo Bronson Memorial Highway just across the road from Kissimmee’s famous Fun Spot & Old Town to celebrate with family and friends. Crowds surrounded the 45 food trucks just outside Visitors Flea Market where many were seen buying toys and presents to gift on this special holiday. Parades and performances are common on Three Kings’ Day and among the entertainment this year were magicians, DJs and even dancing puppets! Between the Salsa music, Spanish speaking, and huge Dancing Inflatable Tube Man proudly wearing the bright red, white and blue Boricua flag, it wasn’t hard to feel like one was back on the beautiful Island of Puerto Rico.

Many Puerto Rican families were able to feel at home again during Three Kings’ Day, including those who moved to Orlando, Kissimmee, and the surrounding Central Florida area after Hurricane Maria. People and even tourists from all over and of all cultures were in attendance but the presence of Puerto Rico was proudly represented at the celebration. The family-friendly World Food Trucks hosted parents and children who danced, laughed, and dined a delicious homemade feast. Food Trucks featuring staple dishes from the island such as mofongo, pastelitos, and tostones, were among those with the longest lines with customers being drawn in by the enticing smells of the carne frita, churrasco, and alcapurrias. Trucks such as Fritura Factory, El Fogan De Munchies Boricua, Boriken, and La Isla del Frappe were those that made the wait worth it for those wanting to celebrate this Three Kings’ Day with traditional Puerto Rican and Latin food. These trucks and dishes are available 7 days a week, 365 days a year but this past January 6th, 2019 the party was on and traditions were celebrated.

Just because the holidays are over does not mean the celebrations stop at World Food Trucks! The next event is scheduled for Valentine’s day stay posted for more details coming soon as well as check out our calendar on in order to keep up with all the events happening at the World Food Trucks!

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