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Yokomo Sushi

The culinary art world of sushi makes the international cuisine of the World Food Truck Park in Kissimmee truly authentic from start to finish. Your sushi indulgence makes for a treat only possible at Yokomo Sushi in the food truck park where more than 50 high quality food trucks make the park the only choice in central Florida for sushi as well as many other international foods and preferences that make the park and Yokomo Sushi the best choice. It is fresh food art at its finest, especially if sushi is your thing.The World Food Truck Park is located at 5811 W. Irlo Bronson Memorial Hwy, Kissimmee. It is part of Visitor's Flea Market with more than 200 vendor booths and indoors. It is air conditioned. It takes a special skill for sushi preparation and this is what you get, a special skill. The salmon and tuna for your sushi along with many other choices is specially prepared, using your instructions to be certain you get what you want. Yokomo Sushi makes its own rolls. Each order is its own work of beauty for those special tastes. Your preferences include mix and match as salmon, tuna or other preferred items to please. You just say what your sushi preferences are and it's a "go" from there. If you need to call first, try (321) 424-1123 or Facebook at yokomosushifl. If you are in the park, there is widespread outdoor seating available for family and friends. At night, the World Food Truck Park itself becomes a very special place with a tropical atmosphere, colorful lights and a nice, preferred place to enjoy your sushi. But, then Yokomo Sushi is only a doorstep from those many other food trucks, offering other special dishes including widespread Latin inspired meals. Yokomo Sushi, however, brings sushi fresh and direct to you as shown in videos that show it it all. You may have seen sushi but this sushi will make Yokomo Sushi a top on your list of favorites, very special with so much care applied in preparation. If you already know of Yokomo Sushi, then you know of its commitment to the best of skills applied in preparing sushi. It's nothing new for you. But, finding fresh and well prepared sushi can be an effort. Yokomo Sushi has taken the effort out of your finding he right sushi. This is what they do at Yokomo Sushi and they will take the time to make your choice what you expect. If sushi, popular the world over, is your taste, then you know this will be your next visit.

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