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8 Reasons Why Eating at Food Trucks is the Best

Food trucks have been around much longer than people seem to realize, but thanks to the millennial generation, they have been blowing up at festivals and local events more than ever. Below, we have 8 reasons why you must go check out some food trucks the next time they roll up to your neck of the woods. Enjoy – and happy eating!

1) Convenience! World Food Trucks is easily accessible from the best tourist attraction on earth, Walt Disney World. Located on W. Irlo Bronson Memorial Highway, we not only have 40+ food trucks with a variety of foods, but you can also enjoy great free parking. Tons of picnic benches to eat at or you could grab your food and head back to the office during a lunch hour. If you have a little time, you can complete your day/evening out with some fun shopping at our Visitors Flea Market directly next to World Food Trucks.

2) The service: It’s fast and convenient, making food trucks a go-to amongst travelers and locals alike. They are perfect for when you want a specific food, but don’t want the hassle of the long restaurant wait lists or the often-loud atmosphere. Food trucks offer solutions to those problems with quick service and an easy exit route – you simply take your food and off you go about your day.

3) Authenticity mixed with fun: Most if not all cooks on food trucks spent some time in the

country/countries where the cuisine originated. This gives them a great foundation for the food, which allows them to keep with the traditional styles if desired. What is also great about food trucks is the ability to experiment. While restaurants usually adhere to a strict menu that doesn’t change, food truck menus can change or be customized more to fit each customer’s need, allowing for some fun to be had with the food.

4) Every meal you could ever want is covered, all the time: You ever go to your favorite spot,

only to realize you got there an hour too late for their best pancakes? Well, with food trucks,

you can get all the breakfast, lunch, and dinner you could ever want, any time you want. We

have a smorgasbord of incredible delicacies from multiple cultures. Want a burger? Check out the Chiqui Burger or King Master Grill, find pizza at Mr. Pizza, tacos at Tacos My Guey and so much more. Get your mouth watering for some of the best Latin flavors. There is something for everyone at World Food Trucks.

5) Lower prices: You will definitely save some money the next time you stop at a food

truck. Instead of paying for a 3-course meal, you can just pick and choose precisely what you’d like, therefore making it easier on your wallet.

6) Community: You are essentially a part of a whole bunch of people who love food trucks just as much as you do. If you go to a festival where food trucks provide the meals, you might even meet some new friends!

7) Fresh food and friendly faces: When you visit a food truck, you are getting two very important things – fresh food (it’s plated and served to you within seconds of it being prepared) and face-to-face contact with the chef him/herself. People really appreciate the personable factor of food trucks, especially these days when everything is so tech-based.

8) The cool factor: No matter how old you are or how many trucks you’ve been to, there’s

always something super appealing about trying a new food truck or experiencing your very first.

It’s almost always considered “new wave” or “ahead of the curve” (even when it’s not really),

which makes it seem very trendy and hip, thus continuing to attract the masses to this day.

Hurry and come visit us! We want to meet you! We are located at 5811 W. Irlo Bronson

Memorial Highway in Kissimmee, Florida.

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