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Javi Mini Donuts

They are called mini donuts but don't let the size fool you. The taste will open all of your cravings to keep on going for more, more. Crisp and crunchy ones, or decorated with sprinkles, strawberry syrup, chocolate, vanilla chocolate, cinnamon, and dressed with powdered sugar, Javi Mini Donut food truck in the World Food Truck Park at 5811 W. Irlo Bronson Memorial Hwy in Kissimmee, Fl, caters to your taste for these delectable morsels while international food trucks all around the food truck park create homemade international foods in Latin culinary delights offered by more than 50 different food trucks in the only centralized food truck park in Florida. At night, the food truck park becomes a show of color, not to mention the collected awesome display of spicy, Latin foods swarming around to meet your taste with amazing choices. Mini donuts from Javi Mini Donuts at (407) 738 0617, Instagram@javiminidonuts or Facebook, Javi mini donuts. Done right before your eyes, your short order appetite comes alive in between those other times for the more filling tasteful delights in the World Food Truck Park. Javi Mini Donuts is an ideal opportunity for the family and kids to fully enjoy mini donuts after you feed on Latin dinners or whenever you have the urge to enjoy a "sweet time" for the family. In the World Food Truck Park, you are close to Disney World attractions. In fact the park itself is a big part of a complex that includes Visitors Flea Market, an indoor air conditioned flea market with more than 220 vendor booths.You will be pampered with choices of what to do next within your surroundings.  It all begins with Javi Mini Donut Food Truck.   

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