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La Fiebre del Sabor Criollo

Let's talk Puerto Rican food. Then, you would want to hear about the top rated La Fiebre del Sabor Criollo in the World Food Truck park in Kissimmee with amazing, authentic, homemade cuisine, and one of the biggest menu selections to be found, at 5805 W. Irlo Bronson Memorial Hwy, Kissimmee, Fl 34746, the only centralized food truck (45 of them) park in Florida, where ratings push the flavorful lingo to "delicieso!,"  "It's amazing" and "leaves you speechless."  "Los Dures Del Mofongo."  "El Matador Mofongo con Corrucho Pulpo, Carmarones y filete de Chillo." With food tastes and preparation descriptions so highly rated, makes you want to eat your words. Such an extensive menu with the various selections of mofongo  even with octopus and shrimp,  their three finger mofongo, making it a real decision of what to dine on a big temptation to over indulge in this family friendly place of Puerto Rican flavors which are rushing to capture your culinary attention. In Tampa? There they are again, located at 4722 N. Lois Ave.,Tampa, FL 33614 (813) 644-6973. In Kissimmee, open Thursday, 4pm-12am; Friday, 12pm-2am; Saturday, 12pm-2am; Sunday, 12pm-10pm, call (407) 577-7338,  To name a few finger pointing menu highlights, try these or a bit of them all over time when you again venture here with family and friends.Try the popular dishes Churrasco, mofongo carne frita carrucho, a speciality mofongo together with a juicy steak and onions. Or, alcapurrias, empanadilas, bistec enceballao and much more as plantains, lobster and fish dishes. Come hungry because it is going to be a real test of your will power to resist what is so good and so much the talk around Kissimmee. Especially, if you desire or prefer the Puerto Rican taste. Once you have tried this, you can only crave more, the taste lingers, so remember to come hungry. Security, clean facilities, good Spanish music, these are known qualities of this house of flavors, rated for simply devine appetizers, strawberry lemonade and big portions.  But, the big thing is its originality, the authentic flavors of its food, the great taste of Puerto Rican food done among the best  of those who know how to do it,  located among the best who are doing it, all in Kissimmee at the World Food Truck Park, big, well laid out for the family and very, very popular. It is a hub in central Florida for those who love that natural Puerto Rican quality. Do yourself a flavorful favor, take advantage of this natural tropical environment, it belongs on your "to do" list

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