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Mi Parrallita Latina Food Truck

International food of the first class it is, all homemade, mouth watering, fresh, Latin, spicey how you like it. Mi Parrillita Latina Food Truck brings together a fusion of venezuelan and mexican foods. The tastes of Columbia, Puerto Rico, Brazil, Dominican Republic, Argentina, and Peru among other countries are all found at this food truck in the World Food Truck park, 5811 W. Irlo Bronson Memorial Hwy, Kissimmee, Fl, 34746. Mi Parrillita Latina, located next to Visitors Flea Market is open 4 PM to 12 and weekends with delivery from and until 2 AM. "Best meal we've had in Orlando and it was a food truck!" makes for some of the top comments made about the Latin culinary art they create.  Watching them do their cooking is a real show in itself as seen in the cooking video created for Mi Parrillita Latina. With more than 40 food trucks, the World Food Truck park is the only centralized food truck park in central Florida with plenty of room for family and friends. Close to Walt Disney World, its convenience for family and its quality of internationally authentic foods makes it a busy place but the widespread food outlets make it the best place to be for exciting international foods with much to choose from. It is an exciting experience and repeat visits are frequent. Waiting can be a great pleasure when the aroma of spicy, Latin flavors spread over mi Parrillita Latina while preparing those tasty arepa de chicharron or taco parrillero. Then there's chorrasco, pollada or pepitos with fries. How about chicken or steak burrito, parrtlla mixta venezolana, arepa chicharron, carne asada tacos, chicken tacos, tripleta and fries. You just can't go away hungry. Steak and of course, burgers that don't stop tasting good. Makes you want more before you leave. You can always take it with you for later. With all the international Latin flavors to pick from, choosing what you want can become an uneasy task, but if you are not alone, it is easy to pick for several at one time and share. You will find a real Latin welcome in the park and at Mi Parrillita Latina while you visit with plenty of good seating. With a menu that invites international Latin tastes you have the opportunity to spread around your pick of those many flavors that appeal to you. Mi Parrillita Latin prides itself on its menu and of the many different countries it has included to create its menu. This makes the World Food Truck park more appealing at being the one food truck park in central Florida that can meet your preferences.   

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