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Monster Bite!

Thought for the day is "never allow your appetite to get away from you" unless you really plan on eating, like big time eating. And then, better choose where to get a plate full, not only talk about it. Next, this is where flavor becomes so important, as you do not want to miss one itsy bitsey little taste, so you miss none of the flavor. It also helps to kind of see first what you are going to get. You know like first seeing a real live streaming moving video as preparation, under fire, takes place. So, first seeing this here now, is just the place for you, right now! The food here is as fresh as the video, episode 23 does it all on World food trucks in Kissimmee, close to Disney, reasonable and we have saved another big part of this picture for you. You have heard the saying "what's in a name?" We have said a lot, but now comes the food part about  just how good it is and how much of it will you be able to finish, or take with you? The name here is as encouraging as its reputation. There's a cool match with how much you get through its name...Monster Bite, yeah, now you got it! can't forget the name. It goes with the food, doesn't it, say it again, Monster Bite! Visitors clamor for this haven of mixtures and tastes, homemade, and from Venezuela, Puerto Rico, American, tropical Latin mixtures that awaken the taste buds. The outstanding Latin spices for flavor that are created at Monster Bite are all captured first hand in the video where you can see for yourself, no guessing about it or hearing only words to explain. And, if that is not enough to stir your tastes, than call Gustavo at Monster Bite (786) 343-9098. He is there, like always, running things and will go so far as hoping to create specialties for you if you want it. Located in the World Food Truck Park, 5811 W, Irlo Bronson Memorial Hwy, Kissimmee, FL 34746, the only such world food truck park in central Florida, Monster Bite, also on Facebook @monsterbiteft1, and monsterbitefoodtruck (Instagram). Try the steak sandwich with fresh vegetables and fries. And,oh the burgers don't stop calling you out. If food is what you want...Monster Bite! Remember, "hungry" is the word for the day, sort of goes with the thought of the day.   

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