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What to Expect When You Eat at World Food Trucks in Kissimmee, Florida

World Food Trucks is just minutes outside of Disney World, located in Kissimmee, Florida near Old Town.

Mr. Pizza at World Food Trucks in Kissimmee Florida
Mr. Pizza at World Food Trucks in Kissimmee Florida

At 5811 W. Irlo Bronson Memorial Highway in Kissimmee, you will find over 40 delicious food trucks waiting to serve you a wide array of food from multiple cultures.

Enter upon World Food Trucks, a gem for anyone hungry in the South Orlando area.

Walk through and see many colorful trucks all boasting incredible food from lunch to dinner to dessert and cold drinks, you’ll find it all.

Below you will find a complete list of the types of cuisines offered at World Food Trucks.






Puerto Rican






World Food Trucks in Kissimmee, Florida 2018
Enjoying a Night Out at World Food Trucks in Kissimmee, Florida

There are plenty of picnic tables with umbrellas to keep you in the shade. So, bring the family, the kids, and friends.

Whether you’re dropping by for lunch during your lunch hour or coming for a family dinner, we would love to welcome you.

The food is awesome, but don’t take our word for it. Take a look at some of these reviews from Yelp.

“...Then I spotted a sign that said parking in back, we drove back to park and saw Food Truck heaven. It seemed like hundreds of trucks with tables in the middle. Lots of families and kids on dates. Now I love authentic Mexican but I was very unfamiliar with so many of the trucks cuisines. We walked around to all of them and decided to just pick 2. They were great choices, a little mom and pop truck who didn't speak English but were able to still tell them how much we loved his food. This was so fun and can't wait to come back on my next trip and visit some more trucks.

- Kirsten S. Staten Island, NY

"This is a MUST. First stop once we got here and we've been here EVERYDAY. The most authentic Hispanic food I've ever had. A lot of people, A lot of trucks and A lot of fun. Meals, Desserts, Drinks. You'll thank me.!!” - Samantha A. Leominster, MA

"We found this little diamond on a whim and boy am I glad! Make sure you drive around to the back, that's were the good stuff is. I had the best Spanish food of my life here.

- Charlotte D. Philadelphia, Pa

"If you love food trucks. They have here everything but almost all the truck are Latin food especially Puertorrican food. We ate alcapurrias, bacalaitos, mofongos, patelillos, pinchos and drink mavi, and detox shakes very good. This place is very special and good.

- Ismael C. San Antonio, TX

"I love this place! They have so much variety however there are some trucks that their food is expensive and the food isn't all that, but there are some that the food is amazing! Its great area to go with family and eat something in a beautiful day or night! Best of all is that they have chairs and tables throughout the whole area."

- Ileam D. Pine Castle, Fl

We hope you can come check out World Food Trucks. We are open until 2 am most nights. See you there!

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